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Andrew Macia Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur, Blogger, Philanthropist


Andrew is the co-founder of Red Door Studios, a digital marketing agency that caters to small and medium sized businesses around the globe.


Author of the Medellin Buzz blog Andrew loves to blog about Colombian culture, history, lifestyle and his experience living in Medellin, Colombia.


Whether it is as a volunteer at local groups in Medellin or forming his own charitable projects through his Medellin Buzz blog Andrew is always eager to help impact the lives of others.


He is the oldest of three siblings, his younger sister, Rocio Macia, is an actress/model in Los Angeles, California. And his younger brother, Francisco Macia is an English teacher and Digital Marketer.




Champions Andrew Macia


I’m the co-owner of Red Door Studios. We do Digital Marketing for businesses around the world, mostly the United States, Europe and Australia.

I love waking up every morning to come in and do the best job I can for our clients.

The best thing about running Red Door Studios is my team. They have become best friends and I look forward to helping them reach their individual goals.


I’m currently reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss and The 110% Solution by Mark H. McCormack.

I love to read self improvement books like these two. It usually takes me a couple months to go through one of these books because I like to take notes and actually apply lessons as intended by the author.

As for novels, I’m a big Anne Rice and John Grisham fan. I’ve read many of their books.

Books Andrew Macia is reading
Champions Andrew Macia


I play pickup basketball every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. I created a basketball group in Facebook and these guys have become some of my best friends here in Medellin, Colombia.

I also play competitively on a couple teams. Most recently we won a local 25 years and older tournament in the city of Medellin.


When I lived in California I used to go to coffee shops such as The Coffee Bean and Starbucks almost every morning before work. I would load on the sugar and think nothing of it.

In Colombia I have learned to appreciate coffee by learning the cultivation, harvest, and roasting process.

When I do go to a coffee shop and I feel like treating myself I order a Flat White like the one in the picture. My favorite spot in Medellin is Hija Mia.

Books Andrew Macia is reading
Beer Can Chicken Andrew Macia


I like to cook a lot. My favorite thing to do is bake. One of my favorite dishes is Beer Can Chicken.

I’m on a zero carb, zero sugar diet, therefore, when I go out to eat I tend to eat very basic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Andrew Macia is available for new project and consultations. As a digital marketing expert with 9 years of experience, he is able to take a look at a project and give his opinion on the marketing cost and return on investment.

Whether it’s a start up business, a long standing business or a charity project, Andrew can help with your digital marketing needs. By assessing both organic search engine marketing and paid advertising a strategy can be drawn up and evaluated.

What kind of clients do you work with?

As a professional digital marketer I have had to learn to research and adapt to a variety of industries. I’ve helped clients in the oil industry, automotive, drug and alcohol rehab, information technology and travel industries. I DO NOT take on all projects. I only take on projects that I feel comfortable with and that intrigue me.

What do you charge?

I charge $70.00 per hour.

Can we meet in person?

Absolutely, if you’re in Medellin, Colombia, I have no problem meeting you in person.

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